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These are books that I’m proud to have contributed to. If you click on the cover image, you can purchase a copy through Amazon.

“Kids with ADHD are tired, very tired even, of hearing adults tell them the same things every single day.  “Sit still!” “Why aren’t you paying attention?” “Stop moving around!”  I mean, honestly if they could do those things they probably would just so that we would stop repeating them. The truth is that kids with ADHD are brilliant problem solvers and geniuses and they have a special way of thinking and processing information…”
From the Backward (Foreword) written for My Extraordinary ADHD:

“When I began teaching, I had a hard time understanding why some kids would get up and speak out of turn. I mean what was wrong with these kids?  Didn’t their parents teach them how to behave respectfully?  My own son was a model student after all, what was so difficult about just behaving?  Then I had a son with ADHD and everything changed in my world, starting with my own perspective…” (an excerpt from a vignette that I wrote for Chapter 2)

“My eighty-five year old grandmother often tells a story that happened towards the end of her education which ended in elementary school…” (Excerpt from Chapter 46 Stop Shaming Kids)

100 No-Nonsense Things that ALL Teachers Should STOP Doing

Podcast Guest Appearances

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