10 Myths Debunked about ADHD

(Excerpt from I Can Learn When I’m Moving: Going to School With ADHD) ADHD is a neurological disorder.  People are born with ADHD and have a deficiency of a neurotransmitter, […]

Surviving isn’t Thriving

One of my earliest memories is singing to Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” with my mother in the late ‘70’s.  I remember how proudly my mom watched as I sang […]

The Genius of ADHD

“ADHD makes me creative. I love building games and building stuff. I’ve been like that ever since I was little. I started with big blocks and now I’m pretty much […]

At What Age Should a Child Know they Have ADHD?

“Understanding ADHD Helps me to Not Blame Myself”By Jason, 9 years old, and his mom Nicole Biscotti, M.Ed. We don’t generally diagnose ADHD until a child attends school.  The medical […]

ADHD is as Modern as Ancient Greece

As if it’s not tough enough to deal with an executive function disorder, those with ADHD and their loved ones are often barraged with comments about how ADHD is a […]

Why ADHD is Everyone’s Problem

By Nicole Biscotti, M.Ed.& her 9 year old son, Jason Vargas “When I was little I got kicked out of a school and I think it was kind of my […]


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