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Dear Fellow Educators & Parents,

Although I wrote a book filled with research and diverse voices, real shifts happen through conversations. The feedback from schools & parent organizations has been amazing & it’s humbling to think that one child’s words and my candid perspective as a mom and teacher could have such impact.

If you feel that these conversations and this work could benefit your school or organization, please reach out and let’s talk. This work is my passion and my purpose. I know that through every teacher and parent I support, I impact the lives of kids. 


“I Can Learn When I’m Moving is a thoughtful and thorough account of the author and her son’s journey to learn within boundaries. What sets this book apart from other books about ADHD is the personal anecdotes and advice backed by research that helps the reader see such learners from a positive perspective. I found Nicole Biscotti’s and Jason’s book easy to read and filled with a-ha moments about how to support learners who often are blamed for misbehavior but are quite capable of learning and thriving when their behaviors are understood.”

Ilene Winokur

Bring the #ADHDGlobalConvo to your school!

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